10 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make with Stuff Already In Your House That Will Keep Your Pup Occupied Forever

10 DIY Dog Toys You Can Make with Stuff Already In Your House That Will Keep Your Pup Occupied Forever

Another way to use the things you don’t know how to recycle.

By Brienne Walsh

Okay, so maybe these DIY dog toys won’t keep your pupper occupied literally “forever.” Maybe just for a few hours. Or an hour. Or five minutes. Or, fine, thirty seconds. Even so, isn’t it worth it?

C’mon, don’t you love your dog? Don’t you want to be the kind of dog owner who makes DIY toys? Or at the very least, don’t you want to be the kind of environmentally-conscious person that makes use of things you would be throwing out anyway, like used water bottles and old clothes?

‘Cause if we’re being honest, it is probably harder to figure out how to recycle this stuff than to make it into a dog toy. (And then your dog will eat it, and then it becomes the most recyclable material of all.)

Aaanyway, below are some homemade toys that are sure to make your dog happy—at least temporarily.  

The T-Shirt Chew Toy

All you need is a pair of scissors and the braiding skills you learned in middle school.

The Crunchy Sock

Who says water bottles go to landfills? This toy is great for orphaned socks, too.

The Muffin Tin Dog Puzzle

Minimal effort for you, but a lot of work for your dog to figure out the puzzle.

The No-Sew Denim Dog Toy

Use the bottom of jeans you’ve hemmed (or made into cutoffs for the summer).

The Frozen Treat Block

All you need is a bucket, some water, and the toys your dog already plays with.

The Missing Glove Monster

Faces optional. (Let’s be real: the dog won’t notice if you sew on a grimace.)

A Slingshot Made From A Hanger

Who doesn’t have extra wire hangers hanging in their closet?

A Cereal Box With Treats Stuck Inside

For the supremely lazy—but your dog will love it.

The Frozen Dirty Sock

Wear it, take off, roll it in a ball, and freeze it overnight—pretty gross to you, but pure heaven to your pup.

A Homemade Foxtail

If you don’t know how to sew, just use an old pair of pantyhose knotted around the foot.

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