13 Ways Dog Show Dogs Are You Living Your Best Life

13 Ways Dog Show Dogs Are You Living Your Best Life

They pretty much had the best day ever.

By Morgan Ashley Parker

I couldn’t stop snapping pictures of the puppers getting ready for what’s essentially the Miss America pageant of dogs at the 2017 National Dog Show. To give you a sense of the #blessed going on, handlers spray water directly into the dogs’ mouths to drink. (Ummmm, that's less effort than using a straw.) And, while dogs are in the ring, they are often fed tasty morsels that are held for safe keeping … in their handler’s mouth. These dogs are living the life and these pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Here are some of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments from the big show imagined as these pups having pretty much the best day ever.

Morning yoga: You finally nail that pose.

You put on your new bling

… and a new custom coat.

Then you catch up with your BFF

…and she spills the tea.

Time to get a mani for your big date!

Of course, you also need a blowout.

Then you KNOW you look good.

To keep that style fresh, you wrap your ‘do to go.

But, eeks it’s raining!

And you need to protect your new shoes, too.

You get to your date and he looks better than you imagined.

You have too many laughs and too many drinks — time to hit the sack!

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