How Many Pics of Your Food Is It OK to Take Before Eating? Guess What this Etiquette Guide Says

How Many Pics of Your Food Is It OK to Take Before Eating? Guess What this Etiquette Guide Says

Shoot first, ask questions later.

By The Feast Staff

That dish you just ordered looks totally gorgeous, like, so beautiful you can barely even eat it. At least, not before you take a few photos to post on your Instagram. Obviously, right? Well, according to an etiquette guide on Martha Stewart's site, uh-uh. It's not ok to keep everyone waiting, and let your food get all cold and congealed while you frame the perfect shots from every conceivable angle. But yes, you are allowed to shoot a little bit, according to the guide. Namely: one picture. One. So you'd better make it count—but that doesn't mean spending half an hour or even two minutes composing your shot. Er, we assume that also means no standing on the chair or swinging from the chandelier to capture that awesome natural light? 

When you're done, according to Martha's etiquette breakdown, put the phone away. There's a designated place for your cell phone on the modern dining table....

...and that place is: nowhere. 

"Cellphones should remain in your purse (or back pocket) on silent," according to the guide. "If you are having dinner with long lost relatives, the phone can make an appearance for the sole purpose of photography"—meaning, we assume, photos of your relatives. Here's the exception: "If you happen to be a real food blogger or writeras in, the picture you are about to take of your food is helping you pay for the mealbe sure to take your ONE picture without flash or noise... make it quick," the guide adds.

Love these tips? Hate them? See all seven of the etiquette pointers here

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