Whiskey for Breakfast?! These Spiked Bagels Will Wake You Up Quick

Whiskey for Breakfast?! These Spiked Bagels Will Wake You Up Quick

A New Jersey shop is selling a bagel spiked with cinnamon whiskey dough and glaze.

By Drew DiSabatino

Have you ever found yourself enjoying a delicious New York bagel and thought: “If only this bagel tasted more like whiskey?” (It can't only be us, right?)

Well, good news, boozy bagel fans: a shop in New Jersey has made your weird wish come true, thanks to the Fireball Bagel.

According to Delishthe spiced bagel comes from The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey. And true to its name, it incorporates Fireball Whisky at two stages of its production.

First the spicy spirit is incorporated into the dough in order to give the bagel Fireball’s signature cinnamon kick, and then more Fireball is reduced into a glaze that’s poured over top of the bagel.

If that wasn’t enough to entice you, the bagel also comes with a drool-worthy apple pie cream cheese. (New question: Can we just eat a tub of the cream cheese?)

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If you're not familiar with Fireball Whisky, it’s a top-selling, 66-proof, cinnamon-flavored whiskey marketed with the tagline: "Tastes like heaven, burns like hell." And is most famous for maybe or maybe not containing too much propylene glycol — a chemical commonly used to de-ice aircraft.

Wherever you stand on Fireball, you better hurry. We'd guess these babies will sell like hotcakes. Er, like boozy bagels.

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