How Well Can This Amateur Cook Keep Up With Gordon Ramsay?

How Well Can This Amateur Cook Keep Up With Gordon Ramsay?

Spoiler: Not very well at all. And it's hilarious.

By Drew DiSabatino

Gordon Ramsay likes to tell it like it is (hot take, we know), which for him means not taking into account little things like “people’s feelings” or “positive encouragement.”

Exhibit A:

So it’s fair to say as a chef, or even just as a person, he can be a little intimidating. Therefore if you’re going to step into the kitchen with Chef Ramsay, you want to have a good handle on whatever you’re going to be making so that you don’t have to worry about being called absolute crap, a donkey, or something much more expletive-ridden.

Unfortunately no one told Shane.

Shane, as Bon Appétit labels him in the video below, is just an average guy with (self-admitted) below-average cooking skills. In this video he tries his best to listen, without looking, and follow along as Ramsay gives him instructions for making a crab cake in under 15 minutes.

The result is about as hilarious as you would expect. From the outset the lack of visuals has Shane deconstructing his crab from the wrong side, chopping his peppers into misshapen chunks the size of gumballs, and gently placing an entire un-cracked egg into a bowl of crabmeat. By the end of the experience Shane’s dinner looks a bit like something you might find clogging up a garbage disposal. (Or as Chef Ramsay puts it: “Shane…it looks like a dog’s dinner.”)

Check out the video below and be thankful for his sake that Shane didn’t leave the crabmeat raw.

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