Now Guys Want To Date A Robot That Looks Exactly Like Scarlett Johansson

Now Guys Want To Date A Robot That Looks Exactly Like Scarlett Johansson

As if true love wasn't hard enough to find. 

By Marianne Garvey

Oh, where’d you guys meet? You charge her like an iPhone at night? You don’t say.

Men are so desperately attracted to Scarlett Johansson, a new survey has found that a lot of them are willing to date a robot who looks and acts exactly like her. That's right, a robot. As if ageless young beauties (with an actual heartbeat) weren’t competition enough.

After a brilliant graphic designer named Ricky Ma unveiled a female robot prototype of the actress, which is frighteningly lifelike, he refused to name who he modeled it after—but there’s no mistaking it’s the Avengers star. The facial expressions and measurements are exactly Scarlett’s, and even the hair is similar to a style she had a few years back. Her style needs work though. Robot Scarlett’s footwear look like they are Orthopedic shoes, and she paired those with a white crop top and gray pencil skirt, so it’s not clear if she’s down for business or party time. 

The only catch is there’s no heart, or brain, or thought process, or soul. But not a problem.

It may sound unreal, like the films Ex Machina and Her, which Scarlett actually voiced a robot in, but the study shows one in four young men aged 18-34 in the UK would happily date the robot—the only catch was she must look super realistic, and very humanlike.

"Our bodies, our identities and our senses are enhancing thanks to technology and societal shifts," said Ghislaine Boddington, co-founder and creative director of East London design unit body>data>space. "Indeed, intimacy as we know it is expanding its boundaries - enabling us to experience love and affection beyond the physical and into the virtual."

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