5 Fresh Ways to Eat Hoppin' John, the Southern Dish That Brings Good Luck in the New Year

5 Fresh Ways to Eat Hoppin' John, the Southern Dish That Brings Good Luck in the New Year

Hop to it and make this tasty Southern classic this weekend.

By Aly Walansky

If having good luck in the new year is as easy as eating lots of Hoppin’ John this weekend, count us in. The classic Southern dish of black-eyed peas and rice—a traditional New Year's good luck charm—comes in countless variations, but this year we're feeling adventurous enough to try in the form of a pasta, a salad, and even sliders. But first we'll start with a deliciously O.G. version.

1. Classic Hoppin' John

The Pioneer Woman shares her own old-school take on the stew, working in onions, peppers, a ton of garlic, and—of course—a ham hock.

2. Vegan Hoppin' John

While black-eyed peas are of course vegan on their own, Hoppin’ John traditionally involves some version of pork (usually bacon, sausage, or ham) to add flavor. But Isa Chandra bravely ignores all that, and does an entirely vegan spin packed with greens and flavored with a smoky, spicy red tahini sauce.

3. Hoppin' John Salad

Apron Strings figures out a way to transform the hearty dish into a much lighter salad. The black-eyed peas and collards are still there, but paired with other leafy greens and a spicy vinaigrette.

4. Hoppin' John Sliders

Since peas and rice make perfect fodder for a veggie burger, Eat Chicago takes the Hoppin' John ingredients and repurposes them into sliders—but healthy ones, packed with quinoa. Bonus: They're also gluten-free.

5. Hoppin' John Pasta

If you're of the mindset that everything deserves to be turned into a pasta, this Hoppin’ John version is for you. I Love Pasta (the name says it all) joins black-eyed peas with pasta, peppers, tomatoes, and onions and adds lots of flavor via garlic and spices. Here's to a flavorful, and lucky, new year.

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