If You Had Only One Egg Left To Have A Baby...What Would You Do?

If You Had Only One Egg Left To Have A Baby...What Would You Do?

This actress wrote a web series about a real-life dilemma.

By Delaina Dixon
Want to Get Pregnant? Stop Drinking.

What would you do if you found out that you only had one biological chance left to have a baby?

That’s the question and driving force behind the new web series "37 Problems," created by actress Lisa Ebersole. After visiting with a fertility doctor, her onscreen persona learns that she only has one fertile egg left.

“When I started writing this, I didn’t see any programming that was speaking to what my friends and I were going through. We were women in our late thirties, early forties who were still striving for career success, but had this sudden question of biology catching up with us,” shares Lisa. “If we didn’t do something about it, we might not be able to have a biological child.”

Two of her real-life pals chose to freeze their eggs.

“One had a very successful experience, and the other one found out she was basically infertile. That was what inspired me – if found out I had one egg left, what would that do to my ambition and perspective of where I am in my life?”

To make the storyline authentic, Lisa actually went to a doctor to have her own egg reserve checked.

“I found out that you could conceivably have one egg left when they count.”

(Luckily, Lisa’s prognosis wasn’t as stark as her character’s.)

As life can be a raunchy ride, so is Lisa’s nine-part web series. It opens with her naked – on a toilet. “I just wanted it to be as authentic as possible, as in, ‘How do I start my day?’ And maybe it’s naked on the toilet,” she says with a chuckle.

She’s also naked as she hugs her neighborhood mailman, a hottie delivering some good news. “That’s Johnny LaVallee. He’s the boyfriend of my best friend Stephanie Sanditz, who also appears in the series,” Lisa explains. “I had to find someone I would be comfortable hugging naked.” Pej Vahdat from the TV show Bones also appears in the series.

Lisa, who will be shopping "37 Problems" at Tribeca Film Festival this year, is eager to do a season two. “I’m very interested in what the options are in becoming a mother,” she says. “There are so many different ways, like having step kids, to become a mother if that’s the thing that you want. This is something I want to explore.”

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