I'm Obsessed Enough With Pumpkin Spice Latte to Try Rubbing it on my Armpits

I'm Obsessed Enough With Pumpkin Spice Latte to Try Rubbing it on my Armpits

Here's what happened.

By Ko Im

Oh hello, it's after Labor Day. And that can only mean pumpkin hacks. Pumpkin for breakfast. Pumpkin for happy hour. Pumpkin spice everything, everywhere, all the time.

Well, fans of the annual rite of fall may be pleased to know that you can eat your pumpkin spice and have it too... in your armpits.

Indeed, Native Deodorant now offers a limited edition that includes pure pumpkin extract. Behold:

Founder Moiz Ali told The Feast, "While our focus is safe and effective ingredients, we also believe life is too short to not make deodorant fun! Some of our team members were excited about the upcoming pumpkin spice latte drink and all things pumpkin, so we thought, that would be an enjoyable scent to create!" 

Well, there you go. So naturally, in the name of journalism, I had to try it.

The not-so-basic scent is actually pretty subtle. Knowing I was wearing the stuff, my boyfriend tried to tickle me to get me to raise my armpit so he could get a good sniff of my pit — but even with my arm raised, he couldn't actually sense a whiff of any spicier-than-normal aura.

But I noticed it! It made me more excited for fall, pumpkin pie, and Thanksgiving. It felt kind of like a jolly little in-joke with myself.

All told? Thumbs up... if you're a PSL fan like me.

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