Is Rihanna Coming Out With Her Own Wine? (Clues and Conspiracy Theorists Say Yes)

Is Rihanna Coming Out With Her Own Wine? (Clues and Conspiracy Theorists Say Yes)

Rumor has it, but...

By Alesandra Dubin

We know Rihanna loves her wine — so much so that she takes a glass to go whenever she possibly can. So when rumors swirled madly over the weekend that she'd be launching her own wine company — it all seemed to add up. And fans got very, very excited about the prospect.

You see, social media bore the news that the megastar had recently filed for a trademark for "Fenty Estates Wine and Spirits Company." For the uninitiated, Fenty is Rihanna's real-world last name, and also the name of her beauty line.  

So that all seems to make sense, at least in theory — but alas, at least one apparently in-the-know source claims it’s just not happening."The spirits brand trademark was filed by JGC Global LLC and not Rihanna's Roraj Trade LLC, which owns the trademark on Rihanna's name and Fenty Beauty," Fader noted. "It's likely just another Fenty and not Rihanna who registered the name." 

Fader also claims a source reported the rumors are totally untrue.

But Food & Wine stepped in with some very hopeful counterarguments — or perhaps just conspiracy theories. “Of course, it's not uncommon for a company to say that something is ‘totally untrue' simply because information leaked too soon or was released in a way that doesn't let the brand control the message. Is it possible that the business end of Fenty Wine would be operating through a different LLC than her other businesses? Sure.”

Food & Wine does acknowledge that this could all be mere coincidence, but, reasons that, at the very least, all the hubbub suggests a clear business opportunity. “If it is a coincidence, two things are certain,” Food & Wine points out. “First, the people over at JGC Global LLC need to have an immediate sit down with whoever is handling their patents. And second, the excitement elicited at even the idea that Rihanna might release her own wine should definitely show Rihanna that she should release her own wine.”

So sure, maybe it’s a rumor for now. But wouldn’t it be great if….?

Meanwhile, we'll just be over here practicing saying, "Pass the Bad Girl Cab, please."

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