Lena Dunham And Lenny Dykstra Engage In Hour-Long Gross, Yet Fascinating Twitter Exchange

Lena Dunham And Lenny Dykstra Engage In Hour-Long Gross, Yet Fascinating Twitter Exchange

Now, why would she even play along with this fool?

By Personal Space Staff
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Lenny Dykstra struck out when he tried to tweet flirt with Lena Dunham after she wrote that she was “horny for baseball players” after seeing a Mets game in person.

“DM me,” the former center fielder tweeted when he spotted Lena’s tweet. “I’m just looking to tease her and break her heart,” he added.

"Good luck with that," Lena responded. "I just asked who you were and the answer I got was 'just a classic piece a shit!' #notallbaseballplayers."

"You guys I'm being simultaneously trolled & seduced by @LennyDykstra this day has gotten really f--king weird," she continued.

Lenny replied: ”You know deep down you want to take a ride on the space shuttle.”
The former Mets player is notorious for hitting on, well, anything and everything he sees.

“Do you just sit around asking your friends ‘what’s the least witty way I can revolt a woman?” Lena asked.

Lenny answered, “Come on, I can be so much less witty than that.”

“What are those famous words they always end up saying, #NailsNation? ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this,'” he tweeted.

“I’m shaken to my core by the latest turn of events,” Lena continued.

“She seems to have some anger issues,” Lenny responded. “I might want to help her with that. I have a gift, and I like to help people.”

Lena: “It’s so true. I’m mad. Can I borrow your bat.”

Lenny: “Any time, my dear. Darryl Strawberry’s is bigger though. #SwampMule”

Then Lena called the former Met a stalker and he flipped.

“I love when they’re trying so hard to act like they’re playing hard to get!” he said.

This all came to a close with Lena agreeing to Wikipedia Lenny. Lenny, meanwhile, just allegedly trashed an upscale Hamptons hotel room and stole towels, bedsheets and receptionist’s sunglasses.

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