Nara Park Is the Fairytale Won-deer-land of Your Dreams

Nara Park Is the Fairytale Won-deer-land of Your Dreams

Nothing's dearer than being surrounded by deer.

By Matt Russoniello

When you think of visiting Japan, what springs to mind first? The finest, freshest sushi in the world? Glittering gold temples? Bill Murray whispering mysteriously in Scarlett Johansson's ear? Monkeys in hot springs?

On your next trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, be sure to enjoy all of those things, but consider making your very first stop Nara Park. Located in the city of Nara, which is less than an hour by train outside of Kyoto, Nara Park is perhaps the most magical place on earth. (Sorry, Disney!)

The massive space is home to several gorgeous shrines, a museum, and other structures of cultural import. But most notably, thousands of Sika deer (smaller and cuter than the American variety you’re used to seeing) roam the grounds and interact with visitors. (Your Instagram likes will blow up after you post a selfie with a REAL LIFE MINI DEER!) You can even buy crackers to feed the friendly creatures for 150 yen (a little more than a dollar). Feed them, pet them, make new best friends with them, whisper mysteriously into their sproingy ears, and generally live out your fantasy of being Snow White for a few hours.

There truly are no words to describe the experience of being swarmed by kindly woodland critters, so we will let the following photos convince you to book your trip ASAP.

Annual feeding deers 🦌🍪 #nara #narapark #deer #japan

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This is a dream scene! #topdecker @helloemilie with four legged friend at #NaraPark in Japan 🇯🇵

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#퇴근 하구싶다 . . . #selfie #osaka #narapark #일본 #오사카 #사슴 과 #나

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Oh dear...

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Help please! 🙈

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❤ #表弟影得好😌👍🏻 @ykf_jasper

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Up close & personal with the deers in #Nara today. #wildandfree #bambi

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