Stranger Leaves $275,000 Estate to Tiny Animal Shelter He Never Even Visited

Stranger Leaves $275,000 Estate to Tiny Animal Shelter He Never Even Visited

The kindness of strangers!

By Kristyn Pomranz

A tiny animal shelter in British Columbia just found out they received a humongous donation—from a generous man who had no affiliation with the rescue whatsoever.

83-year-old former teacher Daryl Mutz passed away three years ago but his last will was just recently executed, and the New Westminster Animal Shelter was blown away to find out they were receiving the lion’s share of Mutz’s estate.

Mutz had never so much as stepped foot in the animal shelter, so they were “flabbergasted” to receive such a humongous sum from a complete stranger. “A thousand dollars is a big donation for us, so to hear that amount was unbelievable,” animal control officer Margie Fox told CTV Vancouver. “I think he must have been an amazing man.”

Although Mutz was not associated with the shelter, he was a dog lover. And since he had no children, a friend had suggested he consider the shelter for a beneficiary.

The donation came with some requests, all of which the shelter says it will abide by: $115,000 must be used for animal enrichment, $55,000 must be used to help animals needing “excessive” veterinary care, and $55,000 must be used to help low income pet owners with veterinary care.

The rest of Mutz’s estate is going to The Wildlife Rescue Association of B.C., the Vancouver Sun Children’s Fund, and Covenant House.

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