Psst: This is the Secret Beauty Ingredient That Miranda Kerr is Obsessed With

Psst: This is the Secret Beauty Ingredient That Miranda Kerr is Obsessed With

Here's everything you need to know about noni berry. 

Miranda Kerr is an unapologetic noni-berry enthusiast. Never heard of it? The fruit grows on tropical evergreen trees found in Polynesian islands, and Miranda has been juicing and drinking the stuff since she was a mere babe. Noni berry is not only delicious: it is, according to Miranda, the secret behind her gorgeously glowing skin.

That's why noni is the core ingredient of the supermodel's Korr Organics skincare line, which just launched new products including a heart charka aromatherapy oil, Noni Glow face oil, and a powdered "skinfood" supplement that comes in sleek teal sachets.

Miranda recently hit Chicago's Sephora store to dish on her new products. While there, she told The Lookbook: "My Grandmother introduced me to [noni] when I was about 12, and I have been using it ever since. We would add about 60 milliliters to water and drink it every day, and because it has amazing healing and rejuvenating properties I also applied it topically to my skin if I had a blemish or sun burn."

Miranda's passion for natural beauty products is just one limb of an entire lifestyle devoted to wellness. The Australian beauty practices yoga regularly, dabs on essential oils every day, and swears by the healing powers of crystals. And though her jet-setting lifestyle doesn't naturally leave much time for stillness and contemplation, the model says that she's learned to make room for wellness no matter where she is.

"To be honest, [traveling frequently] makes you more mindful because you have to plan ahead," Miranda told us. "You don’t have the convenience of your pantry and fridge when travelling, so when flying I pack my own healthy food and snacks." Kora Organics supplements are always in Miranda's carry-on bags, and she says that adding the mix to water and drinking it on the go "really restores my energy and vitality."

Whatever Miranda is doing, it's working. And if her beauty secrets are fruit-flavored, why, that's even more reason to test out her methods.

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