Purple Pancakes Are the Most Exciting Thing to Happen to Mornings Since Caffeine

Purple Pancakes Are the Most Exciting Thing to Happen to Mornings Since Caffeine

Wake up and smell the ube.

By The Feast Staff

If you’re going to dive into a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes slathered in mounds of butter and syrup, you’d better make it count, right? When we're talking roughly 1000 calories a plate (and no, we're not planning to hit the gym anytime soon), who wants to stare at a drab yellow-brown pile? Hey, we'll eat that if you twist our arm, but what we really want is a gorgeous pancake breakfast that's worth the commitment. Enter the purple pancake.

Eggs N Things, a popular cafe in Japan, has just introduced purple pancakes on its menu. Look at these things:

The purple color is natural: It's made from the popular Japanese ingredient known as ube (sweet purple yam), like the filling of those famous gold donuts in Brooklyn. Ube has yet to catch on big time stateside, but here's hoping we'll start seeing more of it asap.

Meanwhile, why purple pancakes? The cafe is running them as a Halloween-themed special (as in, the pancakes are wearing a purple costume?). Oh, and the flapjacks arrive topped with a fresh raspberry sauce, meant to look like a "sea of blood."

(via eRocketnews.)

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