Which of These Food Hacks Make You Look Like a Pro, Even if You're a Total Kitchen Klutz?

Which of These Food Hacks Make You Look Like a Pro, Even if You're a Total Kitchen Klutz?

No kitchen skills whatsoever? No problem, thanks to the year's most awesome hacks—vote on your favorite!

By The Feast Staff

Turn your ice tray into a cocktail machine, your instant oatmeal packets into a fancy brunch, and your tonic water into neon cake frosting: Yes, you can do all this and more, thanks to the latest life-changing hacks—which make even the biggest kitchen klutz look like a pro. This year, we've seen everything from upside-down mimosas to frozen waffle pizzas, sugar-loaded Kardashian cornbread, mayo-grilled sandwiches, and the most awesome iced coffee ever, and we'll never look at our kitchen the same way again. Tell us which hack is your new go-to in the poll below.

1. Champagne Ice Cubes

You never know when you’ll need a mimosa at a moment’s notice. Skip the trip to the liquor store, and just keep frozen Champagne cubes in an ice tray. When the mood strikes, voila: an instant “upside down” mimosa. Cheers.

2. Japanese-Style Iced Coffee

The Japanese have perfected everything from noodles to seafood to toasters, and now they’re winning at iced coffee too. This trick is so simple, it’s totally genius, and if you’re a year-round iced coffee fiend like us, it will change your life.

3. Glow in the Dark Frosting

You don’t have to be a kid, or have kids, or even know any kids, to become obsessed with this easy method for making your cake frosting glow in the dark. Who needs a mirror cake when you’ve got NEON?

4. Mayo Grilled Cheese

Think mayo belongs on the inside of your sandwich? Wrong: It belongs on the outside, at least when you’re making grilled cheese Gabrielle Hamilton’s way. Ditch the butter and check out her brilliant hack for getting that perfect, evenly browned crust on your sandwich, and never look back.

5. Fancy Instant Oatmeal

If your instant-oatmeal game begins and ends with drizzling syrup or butter on top, you’re seriously missing out. Topped with everything from tropical fruit to kale-and-eggs, those oatmeal packets are your ticket to a fast and fabulous breakfast you could even serve your brunch guests, and no one will be the wiser.

This week on The Feast, we’re celebrating all the inspiring, mind-blowing, over-the-top—and most of all, delicious—things that are catching our attention in the food and drink world. Stay tuned for must-watch videos, features on the chefs and innovators we love, tips on the most incredible Instagram accounts you should be following, and polls that let you vote on your favorites.

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