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Reza Farahan Turns Into a Drama Queen When His Husband Cooks This One Food (It Smells Like "Raw Sewage")

"I'm hard to please," the #Shahs star admitted.

By Maggie Shi
Reza Farahan's Extremely Picky Eating Habits

We all have that one oh-so-special person in our lives. You know who we're talking about—the one friend who has a long list of foods that he or she won't eat, and for no particular reason. Maybe he hates all seafood, even shrimp and tuna, but especially salmon and oysters. Maybe she won't eat anything green, or any food starting with the letter "s." Dining out with them can be a nightmare, and as for inviting them over for a home-cooked meal? Forget it.

Well, guess what, Shahs of Sunset fans—Reza Farahan is that friend. The self-described "picky bitch" loves to get his drink on, but when it comes to food, the #Shahs star has a very long list of things he won't eat.

"I've never had a t-bone steak, a skirt steak, I've never had any form of steak, ever. I've never eaten a rib in my whole life. I can't eat a clam or a mussel, I don't like oysters, I don't like sushi, I don't like things that are like animal flesh that's raw," he told us during a recent interview.

Reza has been on a strict diet all year, losing 40 pounds thought a combination of hardcore workouts and changing his eating habits. We're not sure what that "strict diet" entails, however—seems like his regular diet was pretty restrictive already.

Another thing Reza can't stand? Eggs. "Oh my god, when Adam makes his eggs in the morning, you would think there was like someone dumped raw sewage in our place. I'm like, 'Oh my god, what's going on, it smells so bad in here, turn on the vent!'" Reza mimicked, waving his arms frantically. "He's like, 'You are out of control. Chill out, drama queen. It's just an omelet.'"

Reza, a drama queen? Who would've guessed?

"She's real picky," Reza admitted. "I'm hard to please."

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