OITNB’s Samira Wiley Definitely Sees Kids In Her Future

OITNB’s Samira Wiley Definitely Sees Kids In Her Future

The Emmy-nominated actress reveals what date night is like, too.

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Orange Is The New Black actress Samira Wiley spends a fair amount of time in a jail – well, on set, at least. But when the 30-year-old isn’t working the camera as Poussey Washington, or acting as Moira in the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale, the Emmy-nominee is hanging out with wifey Lauren Morelli.

We caught up with the DC native as she was promoting American Express Pay It/Plan It in New York City. The campaign is all about #MilestonemMoments - which Wiley definitely experienced in 2017. Wiley’s biggest milestone this year, she says, is definitely her nuptials.

“This has been a pretty big year for me,” says Wiley of her wedding in March. “It was the biggest moment in my life. I got married, and my wife and I have been having a blast celebrating married life together ever since.”

Celebrations don’t have to be over-the-top and an insane production. They include – but aren’t limited to – the small things. “On our date nights, Lauren and I like to stay in and watch a movie and order food,” says Wiley.” I think that our lives are so busy traveling that a quiet night at home is a rarity that we enjoy.”

And the same goes for romantic gestures and thoughtful gifts. “The week leading up to the Emmy’s I was so exhausted and stressed, so Lauren planned a whole surprise spa day for me with facials, scrubs, and a much-needed massage,” says Wiley.

Of course, the sweet things are reciprocated, too. The twosome shows their love with support – enhancing each others’ lives at home and within their professions. “Lauren is a writer, and sometimes it is hard to find the best places to work at home. She needs quiet – and I’m not quiet – so I encouraged her to go on a writer's retreat to really be productive.”

The couple will likely renew their vows one day – but haven’t made plans, yet. When they do, perhaps some of the OITNB cast will make an appearance. Wiley is particularly close with one of her co-workers.

“Natasha Lyonne really took me under her wing the first year of taping Orange is the New Black and taught me a lot about being a ‘public person,’ which I appreciate,” says Wiley.

While Wiley is super busy with all her gigs, she’s excited to work on a new things. “My next project will be appearing on YouTube Red’s Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes on Television that drops later this month,” says Wiley. “It is a real departure from the heaviness of Handmaids’s Tale, and I'm excited to make people laugh again.”

But even though she’s hustling on screen, there’s no doubt she’ll make time to be a mom. Says the actress of children, “We definitely see kids in our future.”

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