Scratch That: It Is Now Illegal to Declaw a Cat in Denver

Scratch That: It Is Now Illegal to Declaw a Cat in Denver

Good for cats, bad for birds.

By Brienne Walsh

Presumably, you know that declawing a cat is inhumane. And if you don’t, then you should hear this — declawing a cat is akin to amputating the top half of all of a human’s toes. Not only is it painful and unnecessary, but it also increases other negative behaviors such as biting and refusing to use the litter box. In cats, not humans.

A cat uses his or her claws for a variety of things, from stretching like you wish you could in yoga class, and marking their territory. If they also use their claws to destroy your furniture, then get a scratching pad with some catnip, duh.

Anyway, the good news is that declawing a cat is now illegal in Denver, unless it is medically necessary — for example, if the feline has a tumor in his or her nail bed. Denver is the first city outside of California to pass a ban, and the city council did so unanimously. Bans have also been passed in countries around the world, including Australia, Israel, Brazil, Japan and much of Europe.

Opponents of the bill said that the ban will likely lead to more cats being surrendered to shelters. However, in cities where the ban is already in place, the opposite was true. In Los Angeles, for example, cats relinquished to shelters decreased by 43% in the five years after residents there stopped declawing.

In essence, your cat is not only more comfortable, but also a better pet, if you just leave them as nature intended. With claws.

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