Sean Spicer Hates This Kind of Ice Cream, and Now There's a Campaign to Ship Boxes of It to Him

Sean Spicer Hates This Kind of Ice Cream, and Now There's a Campaign to Ship Boxes of It to Him

Sounds like a dream come true, but not for this guy.

By Lindsay Tigar

Fair or not, we all hold certain grudges against foods. Say, ever since the first time you had a really bad hangover thanks to some sugary-alcoholic mix, you can’t stomach the mere thought of a pina colada. Or, after tasting a poorly cooked or terribly seasoned filet of fish, you now turn your nose at all seafood. But if there’s one type of food that typically can bring together, well, just about everyone, it’s ice cream.

But apparently, not Sean Spicer, at least not when it comes to Dippin’ Dots. The new White House Press Secretary under the Trump Administration has an, um, alternative opinion when it comes to the tiny sweet dots.

Over the past seven years, Spicer has repeatedly expressed his strong viewpoints against Dippin’ Dots. In addition to saying they’re "not the ice cream of the future," he’s also expressed disgust when his local baseball stadium, The Washington Nationals, ran out of the vanilla flavor (because that’s definitely Dippin’ Dots' fault, you know). Here, just a few of his missives:

The cause of Spicer’s disdain is a bit of an enigma since his career has never been in the food and beverage industry (though his wife, Rebecca Miller, is the communications officer for the National Beer Wholesalers Association and apparently, has never tried adding beer to Dippin’ Dots. It makes an incredible mini-float, but we digress.)

As the Internet does when weird news makes its way across newsfeeds, there's now a campaign called, created with one sole purpose: to send Spicer the food he fears the most.

"In just the first three days of the administration, we've been trolled by 'alternative facts' and petty arguments over crowd sizes," Nick Trusty, who created the site with his pal Andrew Cafourek, told Mashable. "While this site is petty and receiving thousands of Dippin' Dots is going to be distracting, it's a sort of civil protest that gives back to the administration what we've been receiving. If we all bind together and send Spicer enough dots, he won't be sure if it's 250k or 1.5M."

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As you might imagine, the social media team at Dippin’ Dots is spinning this moment to its benefit, and taking the opportunity to offer an olive branch of peace: The company is tweeting at Spicer to "connect the dots" and host an ice cream social at the White House.

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