These Are Officially the Sexiest Accents in the World (And They Might Surprise You)

These Are Officially the Sexiest Accents in the World (And They Might Surprise You)

Resistance is futile.

By Aly Walansky

Some of the most fun to be had while traveling is taking in all the local sensory experiences — delicious food, stunning and aromatic scenery, and, of course, the regional eye candy with accompanying mellifluous accent.

While attraction is purely subjective, a recent survey from looked into which appealing accents around the world people find to be the sexist of all.

The winners are not the ones you might expect, either: While TV and movies make it look like nothing is as sexy as a French or Italian accent, men surveyed actually put Israeli women in first place, followed by Colombia, and then Australia.

Women’s favorite sexy accents were rather Game of Thrones-inspired, with British men coming in first, followed by Scottish. Spanish came in third.

“As Americans, we often associate British accents with intelligence and class, both desirable qualities for a mate. While Israeli accents conjure up images of the Mediterranean,” C.E.O. Brandon Wade said in a news release.

Australian and Southern accents were the only common languages to make both lists, but the overlying message is that we're all very attracted to exotic people from faraway places, and their sexy voices reflect that.

The MissTravel project surveyed 1,164 American men and 1,425 American women to make the determination.

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