"Smart Dog Collar" is Basically a Giant Mood Ring for Your Dog

"Smart Dog Collar" is Basically a Giant Mood Ring for Your Dog

You don’t want this thing to turn black.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Y’know how you wear a Fitbit around with the promise that it will help you be more active, eat a healthier diet, get better sleep, delude you into believing a bracelet can change all of your fundamental habits, etc.?

Well, a new “smart dog collar” from Jagger & Lewis is making all the same promises for your dog.

According to the Kickstarter, the smart collar “has been programmed to understand your animals’ needs and to provide you with pertinent advice, notifications, and alerts as needed.” The collar—which illuminates just like a mood ring—allows you to track your dog’s activity in real time via an app, so you can forever monitor your pup’s behavior.

That said, it actually one-ups FitBit because it also offers a mood measurer: The collar changes colors and sends notifications so you'll immediately know if your dog is acting or feeling "off."

“How is my dog and how does he behave when I'm not around?" reads the Kickstarter. "Is he feeling well? Is he anxious? Agitated? Does he bark during the day? Is he eating properly? Our collar is capable of sensing even very subtle changes in mood, alerting you to potential behavioral issues by phone no matter where you are.”

In theory, this could be very useful when you’re away for a long swath of time (work, vacation, etc.). On the flip side, if you have a nervous nelly-type pup, it may just drive you crazy with concern (and notification dings-ding-dings).

We’ll wait to try it before we make a final judgment. But if you’re into the hype, the Jagger & Lewis smart collar will be available to purchase on Kickstarter on January 24th.

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