Is This Sushi Croissant the Most Confusing Pastry Ever Invented?

Is This Sushi Croissant the Most Confusing Pastry Ever Invented?

It's exactly what it sounds like, believe it or not.

By Bryce Gruber

If you're a pastry fan, you know that rich, flaky dough belongs just about everywhere—but you probably never thought of wrapping croissant dough around fish.

That's exactly what Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in California is doing, and people are lining up around the block at their Los Angeles and San Francisco locations to get a taste of their, shall we say, extremely creative food mashup. This thing even rivals the sushi donut, the sushi burger, and Snoopy sushi.

According to the owners, this strange-sounding item is on the menu almost all the time thanks to popular demand: "It's actually one of our most popular items. We change our menu quarterly and swapped it out back in October, but the outcry was so large that we had to bring it back." It's now on the menu every day, but rumor has it that if you don't get there by late morning, you'll be fresh out of pastry-encased sushi luck.

If you're wondering exactly how the sushi makes its way into the croissant, you're not alone. We asked, and while the owners wouldn't divulge all their sushi know-how, they explained that the sushi rolls are actually baked into the pastry dough, meaning there's no strange cutting and puzzle-piecing of the ingredients. Fascinating.

Now the only thing left to wonder is if it's more appropriate to eat this with tea, coffee—or a bottle of sake.

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