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These Are the Nail Art Trends You're Going to Be Seeing Everywhere This Winter

Monogrammed nails are coming up in a big way.

By Hilary Sheinbaum
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Just like wardrobes, nail colors and trends are seasonal, too. For instance: wearing a sundress in 50-degree weather? Cute, but probably not comfortable... but we digress.

When the temperatures drop and scarves come out, our nails art is going to change as well. After all, when the mittens and gloves are removed, there’s no reason not to show off an amazing manicure.

To help us through the winter blues and navigate the coolest months of the year, we asked Base Coat general manager and celebrity nail artist Shelly Hill for some tips. Hill has been in the beauty industry for 30 years. She’s worked with Gwen Stefani and Amal Clooney, and served as Nicki Minaj’s personal manicurist for a year. Needless to say, we definitely trust her eye (and polish brush). 

So what are the shades we'll be seasing in the upcoming season? “There is a big variety of color for the winter season, which includes blues — light to dark shades as we know denim is a hit," Hill tells The Lookbook. In terms of greens, she says olive and dark green will be big. Also look out for lots of burgundy and light to dark purples. “And, of course," she adds, "those beautiful metallics, with a focus on silver."

And what about the nail art that will be done with these trendy colors? Read on to take note of three manicure trends Hill says we should all be watching out for — and, of course, trying — in winter.

Bold-Hue French Tips

You will need: Nail file, base coat, two bright nail polishes, top coat, and striping tape (optional). 


1. File nails to desired shape.

2. Apply base coat.

3. Apply two coats of first bright color on entire nail.  

4. Apply one coat of second bright color one quarter of the way down the nail and swipe across.

5. Seal with a top coat.

Pro tip: To achieve a straight line on the tip, you can let first layer dry, apply striping tape, then polish and remove tape. The most difficult part is getting the tip even, so using the striping tape as a guide is your best bet.

Monogrammed Nails

You will need: Nail file, base coat, two colorful nail polishes, a fine-tipped nail art brush, and a top coat. 

1. File nails to desired shape.

2. Apply base coat.

3. For the stripes: Dip your nail art brush into the desired color and draw line from the bottom to top of the nail. Let dry, then follow with the second color.

5. For the monogram: Dip your nail art brush into the desired color and draw the letter. Then, outline the letter with the second color. 

6. Seal with a top coat. 

Pro tip: Using the right art brushes is the key to achieving this look. Get a variety of sizes, then practice on a piece of paper first. The hardest part would be the monogramming, and that is why a good nail art brush is the key.

Holiday Metallics

You will need: Nail file, base coat, metallic gold nail polish, rose gold glitter, a flat nail art brush, top coat.

1. File nails to desired shape.

2. Apply base coat.

3. Apply first coat of metallic gold.

4. Apply second coat of metallic gold.

5. With your flat nail art brush, dip into your rose gold glitter and gently pat on wet polish until getting your desired look.

6. Seal with top coat. 

Pro tip: When applying glitter, you can use a hint of top coat on your art brush to pick up/apply. Lightly press the glitter down after application with finger to get a smoother look before applying top coat. If you apply glitter with a heavy hand, it will smudge polish and will not give you a clean gradient look.

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