These Girls Kept A Spreadsheet Of All The Free Stuff They Got While Dating In NYC For Six Months

These Girls Kept A Spreadsheet Of All The Free Stuff They Got While Dating In NYC For Six Months

"Do fun sh** and document all the free stuff you score along the way," says one. 

By Annie Ackerman

Online dating can be good for so many reasons: You can improve your witty texting skills; take up a new career as a private investigator, as you search for hidden clues about someone you’ve never met…or in the case of these two roommates, Julie and Kelsey, do fun sh*t and document all the free stuff you score along the way. Personal Space sat down with the two 20-something expert daters.

Sitting on their burgundy-colored couch in Murray Hill, swiping left on all of the creative types in Manhattan (they prefer the hardened professionals); Kelsey comes across a potential suitor. “Finally! A guy that lives in Union Square, went to an Ivy League School, raised in the Midwest, six feet fall and the golden ticket: a job at Goldman Sachs. When can we meet up,” she joked.

Their goal isn’t to match with someone and get free stuff, they admitted. Extravagant dates just come with the territory of dating in the Big Apple.

“For a second date, a guy took me to a Broadway Show, Dear Evan Hanson,” Julie said. “Obvi, I was down, but confused why this scrub was dishing out that kind of dough for a second date,” she explained. Despite the generous gesture, it didn’t work out. “There was just no chemistry,” Julie said as she continued swiping. After all, it was Tuesday at 8 PM. What else was she supposed to do with her time? Workout, clean, get ready for work? Nah.

In addition to a sold-out Broadway performance, the girls have: laughed their way through countless comedy shows, rocked out to concerts at Madison Square Garden, sipped their way through wine tasting festivals in Tribeca, and scored playoff box seats to a Rangers game.

Not to mention the countless brunches, dinners and drinks scattered across some of the best spots in the city. Ready? To name a few: La Esquina, BondSt Sushi, Estella. Pricey stuff. The ladies told me they prefer to stay in Manhattan, never venturing to the outer boroughs.

To what do they attribute their success? “Our devotion to swiping,” Julie said. “And of course, our pretty pictures,” Kelsey chimed in, giggling.

The besties even borrow each other’s clothes for dates. They call their all-black ensemble” the uniform,” which makes them feel flirty and confident. It’s usually a variation of ripped black skinny jeans, a snug black top and leather booties.

While they agreed they’re open to the possibility of finding love, they’re having too much fun to stop swiping their way through the city – at least for now. You never know when the next match will swipe you off your feet.

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