These People Left $166,000 in the Overhead Bin and Didn't Even Notice

These People Left $166,000 in the Overhead Bin and Didn't Even Notice

NBD, right?

By Alesandra Dubin

We already had our minds blown when we learned just how many people leave behind their laptops at security checkpoints: Who are these people who don't have their tech tools attached to their body like appendages?

Well, given that we thought that was shocking, we're officially flabbergasted to hear about the latest thing left behind in the process of air travel.

A couple flying between Chicago and Munich left a rather large sum of money on their plane on Monday, and continued along on their journey without noticing. Specifically? the amount was $166,000, according to Travel + Leisure, which cites a federal police report.

Turns out the Bavarian couple strolled through customs (using ID cards) unaware that they'd left in the overhead compartment a bag containing their passports and three U.S. cashier’s checks worth the massive sum. The man had just inherited it from his mom.

The pair was beyond lucky that a person cleaning the plane spotted the luggage and gave it to police, who discovered the money inside. By the time the authorities determined who it belonged to, the couple had already left the airport... but the cops tracked them down two hours away and returned their money.

All's well that ends well?

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