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This Is How Much A Blowout Will Cost You Around The World

Keep your hair intact while on the go. 

By Aly Walansky
Travel Beauty Tips

It may seem like a first world problem, but many of us consider how our hair will cope when planning a trip. While some regions of the world may be more likely to see humidity or rain and others are known for their dry, calm climate, how our hair reacts to different places we visit will vary.

Obviously, when on vacation, we're supposed to relax. And that means not letting fear of getting our hair wet (literally) ruin our day. Still, we have to be realistic: It's something we care about, and will be on our minds. But are blowouts going to be popular and readily available wherever we may travel? And how much should we expect them to cost?

1. Shanghai, China

Asian blowouts as a whole are pretty affordable, but the prices in Shanghai will shock you.“Blowouts cost $5- $10 max," shares world traveler Dale Janée of and CEO of Savvy Sleepers anti-aging satin pillowcases. "I feel like blow outs are not as popular here and I have had my hair washed and blow dried every other day because it was so hot during the summer. They were able to blow dry it much smoother than I could on my own, but I was surprised they did not use any styling products or heat protector sprayed in my hair."

2. Zürich, Switzerland

In Zurich, expect a blowout to run you 50 CHF and up (about $50 US). “I saw many blow dry bars open and close while living in Zürich, so it didn't seem to kick off. But when you get a service like highlights or a normal hair service, there is always an extra charge to blow dry your hair, which is around $50 and added to the expensive rates they already charge,” says Janee.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine is another super affordable spot for a treat that feels like a splurge, but isn't. “I recently visited the Ukraine for three weeks and I paid $8 to $10 to blow out my hair. I remember being in Chernivtsi and a lady said to me that my hair was a challenge since they tend to see people with fairly straight hair, just needing quick upkeep. She still took on the challenge and did a pretty good job for only eight bucks,” says Olga Maria, the travel and lifestyle blogger behind Dreams in Heels.

4. Turkey

There's a good amount of humidity in this area, so affordable blowouts are appreciated. “When I was staying in Turkey for over two months, I was super happy because people knew how to straighten curly hair very well. Women in Turkey love fashion and beauty, so it was so easy to find a good, and cheap, place to blow out my hair for approximately $10, and add a mani and pedi for $15 on average,” says Olga Maria, also founder of

5. Majorca, Spain

A blowout in the picturesque Majorca will run 12-15 Euros ($13-$17 US). “It does not seem like a popular hair service here, but for the price I went every other day while on vacation last summer,” says Janee. We would as well.

6. Greece

Greece offers a suprisingly affordable blowout. Expect to spend about $11 to $17. “These inexpensive luxuries tend to continue doing well, even while the country is in an economic crisis. Blow outs are relatively common because a lot of girls have curly hair and prefer to have someone deal with it with some regularity. Daily hair washing is not as common as it is in the US,” says Mina Agnos, President of Travelive.

7. Bali

Blowouts at a typical Bali spa will cost around $12 to $20, depending on hair length. “Our favorite place is Fresh Spa. Super fun vibe, great products and can make your hair look good despite the Bali humidity and heat,” says Sabina King of A King's Life. Mani/pedis are super affordable here too as well as other spas around Ubud. "One of my favorite places to go is SKIN spa. A manicure will cost $12 and a pedi $13. It's a beautiful place with the best cinnamon, clove and ginger welcome drink!" says King.

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