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We Had Psychics Predict Which Celebrities Will Transform Their Hair in 2017

The tarot cards tell all.

By Adele Chapin

There were some celeb style moments in 2016 we definitely didn’t see coming—who could’ve guessed Taylor Swift would go Goth? Seriously? So, to get ahead on 2017, we asked two folks who are majorly in touch with spiritual vibes to weigh in with predictions for the celebrities who are most likely to go through style transformations in the coming year. First up, Angie Banicki, tarot reader to celebs and the fashion world, turned to her cards to answer our burning style questions.

Which newcomer will pull off a red-carpet-style home run: Ruth Negga, Lily Collins, or Naomie Harris?

“Lily Collins has the star card written all over her. As long as she doesn’t try and do something too outlandish, she has this in the bag. The cards' advice to her is to go with her style choice and not let anyone else influence her to do something that doesn’t feel right with her." As for Ruth Negga and Naomie Harris, Angie says that the cards say they have a lot of promise—but, this isn’t their year to steal headlines for style.

Who will be best dressed at the Oscars: Natalie Portman, Viola Davis, or Amy Adams?

It’s Viola Davis. “Cards say she’s ready to step into her power here. She’s worked hard to get here and will shine!” For Natalie Portman: “She won’t get negative press, but this is not her year.” Amy Adams: “The cards show she'll have a tough time in the fashion department this year.”

Who is more likely to reinvent their style: Kendall Jenner or Kim Kardashian?

“Both! Kendall Jenner is a slower process. Cards show she starts reinventing in 2017, but it isn’t till 2018 where she really splashes. Almost like a slow build. For Kim, it shows she is already thinking about this reinvention for herself. For some reason my cards seem to think she’s a little too focused on material things and it’s not going to go over as well as she’d like!”

Who will dye her hair dark: Gigi Hadid or Taylor Swift?

Angie says neither! “Gigi has new love coming in 2017. I think this love is going to surprise us all. Cards seem to think it’s not the one, but an important love for her. Taylor isn’t ready to go with dark hair, but it feels like she might chop all her hair! She also has something new and exciting happening for her career in 2017.”

Who is going to wear something controversial on the red carpet: Emma Stone or Michelle Williams?

Angie says neither! “I think they are both going to look great, but play it pretty safe! Cards show there is going to be someone who goes controversial but it is not going to work. She doesn’t feel like a blond."

Who is going to be the newest street style star? Sofia Richie, Kaia Gerber, or Lottie Moss?

Lottie Moss—she is it! She’s really stepping into herself and is going to gain more and more attention and in a more global way!” Sofia Richie: "She’s not it, but cards do show she’s going to go through a transformation in style that we don’t expect. Maybe dye her hair?” Kaia Gerber: "Kaia is really enjoying home life and doesn’t need all the attention. But, cards do show she’s got big things ahead for her."

Next up, we chatted with L.A.-based psychic and tarot card reader—and former makeup artist!—Eva Antoniadou. Here are Eva's predictions:

J.Lo, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively, Cate Blanchett and Alicia Vikander are going to continue to kill it on the red carpet as best dressed. Alicia Vikander might also chop her hair, perhaps for a role.

The year’s style stars are going to be Jennifer Lawrence, Gigi Hadid, Kerry Washington, Beyoncé, Alicia Vikander and Ashley Graham. "[Ashley] is a person that empowers people who are curvy,” Eva says. “She's one of the first ones, and there's going to be more to follow."

Style up-and-comers who are going to reach new heights include This Is Us’s Chrissy Metz, Hailey Baldwin, and Destry Allyn Spielberg (Steven Spielberg’s model daughter.) Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, and Rihanna are going to switch up their hair and look. [Editor's note: we spoke with Eva before Rihanna went platinum blonde.] We can't wait to see what's in the stars—um, for the stars!

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