What is J.Lo Syndrome? These Women Have It, Apparently

What is J.Lo Syndrome? These Women Have It, Apparently

These stars are taking cues from the eternally youthful singer. 

By Marianne Garvey

There’s a trend happening in the dating world, and one expert is calling it the “J.Lo Syndrome,” in honor of Jennifer Lopez, 46, who has been dating much younger dancer, Casper Smart, 29, for more than a few years now.

What's she's labeled it is not an insult, says New York based relationship expert Rori Sassoon, who also owns invitation-only Power Matching company, Platinum Poire. Instead she says that women in their 30’s and 40’s are looking hotter than ever, so they are dating men in their 20’s more and more.

“This is now a time where 45-year-old women look better than 35-year-olds,” she explains. “These women have the money and means to do every peel, every laser, every upkeep they can. They have insane bodies to kill for. They’re accomplished. Like Kate Hudson. They don’t look like they’ve had three or four kids. Why wouldn’t they want to be with someone younger?"

Rori says it accomplishes a few things for women in their late thirties to late forties, including making them feel in control.

“You’ve probably already been married, you’ve had your kids, dating a guy in his 20’s is a way to feel desired, feel in control, and maintain your youth,” she says. “A younger man makes you feel sexy and beautiful. Some women are looking for Mr. Right Now and not necessarily Mr. Right.”

In the case of Kate and her rumored on-again off-again hookup Nick Jonas, Rori says it’s also a turn on that Nick is successful in his own right.

Sometimes, it turns into real love, like Real Housewives of New York City star Carole Radziwill and her chef boyfriend Adam Kentworthy, who have an age gap of 22 years.

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Sometimes "J.Lo Syndrome" is a case of revenge. 

“Some women want to get back after an ex didn’t treat them right,” Rori explains. “Look at Kourtney Kardashian, she’s gotten her groove back. She has a revenge body, she’s appearing on talk shows, she’s going out at night. And Justin Bieber is her best revenge.”

Kourtney has been rumored to have been hooking up with the singer when he is in Los Angeles. 

“It’s success for the moment, but these relationships do have an expiration date,” Rori says. “These women want to have fun, they have their kids, they have money, they need to feel like they’re in control. They have the sense of being desired again. You can’t look at it for the long haul.”

Tori sums it up by saying that a boy toy is often the bridge for the next relationship.

“Maybe you need it to help you get to the next relationship, if they’re making you feel good who is anyone to judge?”

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