I Tried the "Miraculous" Natural Jet-Lag Cure Hippies Swear By — And Here’s What Happened

I Tried the "Miraculous" Natural Jet-Lag Cure Hippies Swear By — And Here’s What Happened

I'll try anything once.

The Internet is buzzing at the mo' with chat about a natural way to prevent jet lag — but it's as low-tech as you can get, and it's hardly a new concept. If you're into Eastern medicine, natural, and holistic remedies — or just an all-around hippie type — you probably already know about "grounding," also known as "earthing."

So what is it? Well, the method involves getting in touch directly with the ground when you land. Explained by Culture Trip, the idea is to "reconnect with the planet’s electrons" in your new destination by walking barefoot on the grass, soil, or sand. Evidently, when you absorb the negative charge from the earth, a "whole range of intriguing physiological benefits occur, many of which could be miraculously curative when it comes to jet lag."

Research suggests that grounding "can help set the biological clock by regulating diurnal body rhythms such as cortisol secretion." Basically, we get a lot of static (positive charge) on us while in flight, and the negative electrons from earth can balance that out.

I studied nursing in college but live in the hippie, holistic-minded land of Goa, India. So, I'm open to these ideas — and some have worked well for me in the past, like using essential oils as a treatment for small ailments.

And anyway, it's easy enough to try grounding — and it requires no investment. So even though I was cynical, I gave it a go on a few of my recent international trips.

Spoiler alert: It didn't work. Not to say that it won't work for you (maybe), but I found no difference after trying it after some long-haul journeys.

Of course, as with all things hotly discussed on the Internet, others swear by it. This guy won't even travel without his "grounding mat." (Yep, companies are cashing in on this selling mats and pillowcases that do the same thing as the earth in terms of "charges." They're meant to provide the same results from your penthouse, instead of you know, requiring you to touch actual dirt outside.)

Any frequent traveler knows that jet lag is simply the worst. So I'd still say give it a shot — why not? In this case, it definitely can't hurt... and it's free if you avoid the merch!

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