Mystery Solved! So That's Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

Mystery Solved! So That's Why Airplane Seats Are Almost Always Blue

Not just a coincidence — no way.

By Alesandra Dubin

When you step into an airplane with an attractive, design-forward interior — you recognize it instantly. (Think, for instance, Virgin America, and its nightclub-like, purple-glowing cabins.) That’s because most plane interiors are utterly drab by default. 

But the method behind airplane designers’ decision making is not meant to turn you off with utterly unremarkable aesthetics. Instead, it’s nominally meant to soothe passengers — and it’s far from simple coincidence.

According to Boeing, color — and the science behind it — is a key consideration in airplane interior design. 

“Color psychology plays an important role in developing the overall look,” Boeing notes on its website. “Studies show that people in different cultures associate certain colors with similar emotions or concepts. Blue/green is nearly unanimously associated with peace. Pink and lavender shades connote love, while blue/purple may signify nobility.”

So there you have it, your often drab, invariably dingy blue seats are actually meant to chill you out. (Does it work?)

Boeing explained further that designers who specialize in color psychology also note the importance of a color’s value when it comes to passenger experience: “Lighter colors may make something seem higher, larger, wider, and more open. Darker colors give the feeling of lower, smaller, narrower and more enclosed spaces.

Blue and green tones may also help a person feel cooler, and “blue can send a message of clean or fresh fragrance.”

So next time you file into the coach cabin of an airplane with a blue interior, note, perhaps, how calm and clean you feel in a space you perceive as vast and expansive. (Right? Something like that.)

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