Yes, People Are Hooking Up in That Rideshare. Here’s How You Can, Too

Yes, People Are Hooking Up in That Rideshare. Here’s How You Can, Too

That guy sitting next to you may be your next bae...

By Delaina Dixon

In our fast-paced world, finding the time and ways to meet someone can be a challenge. We really have to take advantage of every opportunity. Even during a shared commute.

 “I was coming home from a party on the Lower East Side I decided to pool my way home. Little did I know I was going to catch a ride with an Aussie hottie,” shares Evelyn, a 33-year-old dental assistant. “We latched eyes and instantly were besotted. We started a quick conversation and he asked for my number.” Surprisingly Evelyn’s night didn’t end once he got out of the rideshare — he invited her to spend the rest of the evening with him.

 “Nobody knows where they are going to meet their future partner and if you're single, it is best to keep an open mind,” says Lori Bizzoco, founder and executive editor of relationship site “A rideshare is a viable way to meet someone new because of the intimacy of the interaction. You are essentially sharing personal space and it allows the conversation to flow organically.”

Indeed, it can be easier to strike up a conversation because there is “no preconceived notion that you are trying to meet someone when you participate in a rideshare. It feels more comfortable and natural,” Bizzoco says. And because you are heading in the same direction, “it really widens the opportunity of meeting someone new who possibly lives or works near you.” 

 Of course, that shared time could only last five minutes, so what’s the fastest way to get your point across?

“Be genuine and be human. When someone new hops in the car and the normal question of 'Hey, how's it going?' comes up, say more than 'Good.'" Bizzoco adds that you should share something from your day that might make him chuckle. “Laughter can start a friendship and move you closer to exchanging numbers with someone, she explains. “Find out enough about the person during your ride that they will want to continue the conversation.”

Of course, safety should always be a priority, especially since your new pal may see where you live when you are dropped off. “Follow the normal safety rules,” Bizzoco says. “Thankfully, these companies have information on the riders but it is out of their control once you are out of the car. Meet in a public place where you feel safe.” 

If a relationship does blossom, and you find yourself on another shared ride home with your new intended, get this: 71 percent of 1000 millennials say they have gotten frisky while in a rideshare, according to a survey by Instamotor. But it’s probably better if you wait until the other riders are out of the car.

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