You’ve Hired a Matchmaker...Now What?

You’ve Hired a Matchmaker...Now What?

She'd love to get her hands on you...and Brad Pitt.

By Delaina Dixon

Finding love isn’t easy, especially if all the men you’re dating are turning out to be duds. That could even lead the most resilient of ladies to seek a little professional help. Luckily, there’s an entire career dedicated to just that: Meet Sameera Sullivan, professional matchmaker.

 “Most people don’t have a problem finding dates, but they’re not finding the qualities or criteria they’re looking for in person,” shares Sameera, founder and CEO of Lasting Connections, a matchmaking service out of Texas and New York City. Sameera also reveals that many people are super busy and don’t have the time to do all the work of getting out there to meet people, so they seek her services to do the leg work. 

After signing on the dotted line with a professional matchmaker, what’s the next step? “I’m coming to your house,” declares Sameera, who conducts a full interview to get to know her clients better. “I want to see your surroundings and wardrobe and assess all of that.” Sameera explains that sometimes she does find that your best possible image, and maybe a little sex appeal, is lacking. “If I see that, I’m going to coach you a little bit or hire an image consultant before going on dates.”

Sameera then customizes a dating recruiting plan. “I am going to reassess everyone who could be a good potential fit. I’m going to make sure to meet with them, interview them, do background checks – make sure they work where they say they work.” From that point, she chooses three initial matches for a round of dates. “It usually takes about three or four weeks before we even get to the first date,” Sameera reveals. “This is not about quantity – it’s about finding a quality match.”

Sameera doesn’t dole out a lot of rules designed to propel a relationship to the next level. “Everybody is different,” she says.

She does advise her clients to go on several dates with their matches. “Sometimes people want to get exclusive right away, but I recommend you go on more dates before you announce your exclusivity,” to help make sure this is truly the person for you.

Sameera also offers relationship counseling during the dating process. “It’s not about just sending you out on dates. Relationship maintenance is very important. A lot of relationship issues can come up in the first six months," she shares. "I had many people tell me the relationship wouldn't have lasted if I hadn't been there. Being there to talk about how everyone feels, and coaching if need be – most people find it very valuable.”

Since many clients are males, “I pretty much do what you’d be doing when you’re trying to meet guys,” shares Sameera, “I’m in grocery stores and Home Depot looking for potential matches, and I’ve recruited people there.”

She's even hosting a private mixer in the Hamptons to meet and vet new potential mates.

Sameera's best advice to be your own matchmaker? “If you’re using dating apps, then you should have great pictures – get them professionally done," she advises.  "And you have to go be out there, you have to go to different places, and get out of your comfort zone. Go to an event, something that you’re interested in where you could meet people who are like-minded. You may meet someone you really like.”

As for her ideal celebrity clients? "I'd love Kourtney Kardashian," she exclaims. "And Brad Pitt, of course."

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