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Jasmine Ali: No One Will Work Harder for You Than Family

Jasmine weighs in on the blow-up with her brother... and air conditioning. Why do you think Roble got so angry that you called his company Chef Roble & Co instead of Roble & Co? Was there something else going on?
Jasmine Ali: I think he wants people to know him simply as Roblé. He has other projects going on and may believe that adding the "Chef" to his name will limit him. Also, in his profession I don't think most celebrated chefs put "chef" in front of their names constantly. You say that Roble has changed and you don't know who you're speaking to -- what do you think has caused it?
JA: The pressure of starting a new business is enough to make anyone crack. He has a lot more responsibly and a ton of more people wanting things from him. I think he is really spread thin... I understand. What went through your mind when Roble said he didn't need you?
JA: I knew he was upset, but I was upset because I had just uprooted my life again for him. Plus, nobody wants to feel unappreciated.

Cursing, Yelling, and Door Slamming The venue promised to you that the A/C would work and it didn't, which seemed to be the major downfall of the party. What was going through your mind during the party setup?
JA: Sheer and utter panic!!! Knowing that there is nothing you can do made me lose it. That's what's so great about Artie -- he keeps his cool in every situation, literally and figuratively!! What were you thinking when Artie told you to stop yelling during setup?
JA: Artie is a big yeller, and I'm still taking my cues from him. I thought that was the way he liked to communicate. I don't think I will ever stop yelling though! B. Scott makes quite a scene when he gets to the party -- what was that like watching him leave his own party?
JA: I was heartbroken. I am not only a longtime fan of his but knew how much this meant to him. I had so many wonderful surprises for him that he would never see. I literally didn't get out of bed for days afterwards. This is the biggest fail in my entire career. You, Artie, and Roble kind of come together for a mea culpa moment -- did you agree with with Artie said? Did you feel good about that conversation?
JA: I respect Artie and so does Roblé. I thought having him as a mediator would be helpful, and I wanted to hear his thoughts in general. I'm still trying to sort out if he really and truly has our best interest at heart. We will see... Anything else you'd like to add?
JA: People know that it's very hard to work with family, but it's my belief that nobody will work harder for you. People have been hard on Roblé, but if I've been able to forgive him, then I hope they will too. I am an extremely sensitive person and I've accepted that. We had a fight; we've moved on.

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