Roble Ali


Roblé Ali has provided his culinary services for notable individuals including President Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend, Jack Nicholson, Michael Jackson, and Vanessa Williams to name a few. With his unique team of talented chefs and event producers, Roblé creates captivating, one-of-a-kind dining experiences for high-end clientele across the country.

Growing up in between Poughkeepsie, NY and Houston, TX, Roblé showed talent in the kitchen early on after learning from his grandfather who was also a professional chef. From there he developed as a chef through working in professional kitchens at a young age, enrolling at the Culinary Institute of America and later moving to Brooklyn to begin working for the top restaurants in NYC.

After working through the ranks at restaurants and catering companies including Abigail Kirsch, Stanton Social, Beauty & Essex, and Avenue, Roblé decided it was time go out on his own and launched his catering business, Roblé & Co. As his catering business continues to grow, the kitchen boundaries get blurred and Roblé is pushed to his limit as a manager, a brother and friend.