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Things That Make Courtney Uncomfortable

Courtney comments on some of the more awkward moments from this week's episode.

By Courtney Kerr

"Let's Get Uncomfortable"

Well, who's awkward? (Raising hand!)

If there was one common theme of this episode it was: Things That Make Courtney Uncomfortable. Did you sense it?! Ugh, I was squirming on more than one occasion!

First, let’s start with the Matt situation. Quite frankly, when slapped in the face with an ex in such close quarters, your only mature choice is to face the fear head on and to pull on your big girl panties…and I think I did a pretty good job, would you agree? I was bothered with how awkward Matt seemed too…all around it was a "pink elephant in the middle of the room" moment for everyone. I mean, did you see the looks on my girlfriends’ faces?! All in all, I was happy for that encounter to be done with, but unfortunately, I knew that wasn't the last I would see of Matt, and there's more to come of him in the next couple of weeks…

[video_clip_url:]Another uncomfortable moment happened with the hemorrhoid cream…but heck, it worked! Who would've thought?! Those gays…they just know all the good tricks to looking amazing, don't they?! Thanks, Daylon!

Next…oh goodness…the blind date with Jeff. First and foremost, I must admit that Jeff is one of the most GORGEOUS men I have ever seen. Seriously, HOT -- like freakishly attractive -- and uber handsome men tend to make me shy. Secondly, let me say that blind dates are not my thing. Actually, dating in general isn't my thing. Maybe it’s just me, but sitting at a dinner table while I am eating and drinking with a stranger just doesn't sound like a smashing good time?! In all honesty, the entire night made me incredibly nervous (as you could see), and what do I do when I get nervous? Well, I talk too damn much…and that's exactly what happened…I talked, Jeff listened. The end.

[video_clip_url:]But did you notice the only thing that didn't make me nervous?! Yep, it’s anything fashion related. Whether it was my meeting with Amy Jain, the CEO of Bauble Bar, and talking about a jewelry collaboration or browsing the racks of clothes for a photo shoot, there is something about the world of fashion that calms me. It’s me in my element. So does that mean fashion is my Xanax? Perhaps! It all reminds me of Marilyn Monroe quote: "Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."

And that's exactly what I plan on doing…well, sort of.

I always love yall’s feedback about the show, so don't forget to follow me on Twitter @thecourtneykerr and my style blog, "What Courtney Wore" at!


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