S2 - E1

Ep 1: Busting Out All Over

All is well with Kim and Kroy as they welcome new baby Kash into the world, but squeezing another baby into the townhouse alongside baby KJ, a teen, a tween, two nannies, and god knows how many wigs is a little tight! Kim is ready to move and a visit to her new "dream home" only makes things worse when she realizes buying an unfinished foreclosure may not have been the best idea. With so much construction left to be done and a mold issue to remediate, she won’t be moving anytime soon. Back at the townhouse, Kim and Shun try to make the best of the situation by cleaning up a hoarder-worthy amount of stuff. Then during a rare quiet moment at home, Kim and Kroy receive news that Kim’s mom isn’t done causing trouble for the Biermanns.

Aired: 04/16/2013
TV-14 |