Kim Reacts to Brielle Wanting to Be a Young Mom

Kim Reacts to Brielle Wanting to Be a Young Mom

Kim Zolciak-Biermann shares her thoughts on Brielle's comment and reveals how her wigs got to Destin.

Hi guys!

I've been so busy with everything, but I'm excited to be back and sharing my thoughts on the episodes with you each week. I also love live tweeting with you all, your comments crack me up! Did your wigs end up getting their own seat?
Kim Zolciak-Biermann: No, I had to put them in a box. Sadly my wigs did not get their own seats.

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How Does Kim Transport Her Wigs? How relieved were you that Kroy was staying with the Falcons in Atlanta?
KZB: Kroy only wanted to do a year contract with the Falcons, and we had been waiting to hear if they would accept that. So I already kind of knew and was working through that. But I was super excited! I really didn't want to leave Atlanta yet, the kids are so young. We would keep this house regardless of where we went though.

Where Are the Biermann's Moving? What went through your mind when Brielle said she wanted to be a young mom?
KZB: Brielle's always said that to me, but in that moment I was thinking, "Oh my god, she is eighteen and in five years she'll be twenty-three!" In my mind she's still twelve. But I understand why she said that. We're very close, and she wants to have a relationship like that with her children.

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Brielle Wants to be a Young Mom?!

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