"How Do You Stay So Skinny?" Brielle Biermann Reveals the Diet She "Swears By"

"How Do You Stay So Skinny?" Brielle Biermann Reveals the Diet She "Swears By"

The Don't Be Tardy daughter swears that this eating plan fuels weight loss — even though it involves fast food twice a day. 

By Jenny Berg
What are Brielle Biermann's Bikini Bod Secrets?

As documented on her feed, Brielle Biermann has the uncanny ability to do two things at once: Eat tons of fast food and slay a bikini selfie. (Exhibit A; Exhibit B. And here's one more sizzling bikini snap for the road.) So, it's only natural that her fans would wonder: "How do you stay so skinny?!" 

When Brielle got the question via Instagram Stories, she was happy to fill us all in on her eating plan — even though "you're gonna think I'm nuts." She went on to chalk up her famous figure to the one and only Chick-fil-A.

Yes, that's right. "I swear by the [Chick-fil-A] diet!!!" the Don't Be Tardy daughter wrote.

She continued, "In high school I would eat it for breakfast and dinner [literally] every day ... and when I wanna lose weight I only eat [Chick-fil-A!] I get 12 count well done nuggets fries and a Diet Coke." Um, come again? 

"Lol idk how but it works," she concluded." Then, she returned to sipping her soda: 

Brielle Biermann/ Instagram

And remember: Brielle also saves room for In-N-Out in her diet plan. In other words, she is living her best life. 

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