Everything Brielle Biermann Has Eaten This Month, According to Instagram

Everything Brielle Biermann Has Eaten This Month, According to Instagram

The Don't be Tardy daughter has never met a drive-through she doesn't love.

By Jenny Berg

On our list of life goals, carpooling with Brielle Biermann is pretty high up there. Not only is the hilarious Don't Be Tardy daughter good company, she also seems pretty much incapable of passing up a drive-through window. And honestly, #same. 

We've been watching Brielle's Instagram feed for the past few weeks and getting vicarious cravings along the way for Sausage Egg McMuffins, Chick Fil-A and all its dipping sauces, and perhaps some cookie dough to wash it all down with.

Let's take a quick trip down memory lane, starring Brielle's indulgences. First, here's a peek at what she recently brought home from her nearest and dearest love, Chick Fil-A. That is a lot of sauce: 

But, sometimes one needs a little broccoli, pita, and rice to compliment chicken nuggets. Brielle rounded out her order with some eats from The Local Wood Fired Grill near her hometown of Atlanta. 

Brielle's other takeout go-to goods include In-N-Out burgers, which deserve to be sweet-talked: 

And biscuits from Popeye's, but paired with Coke from McDonald's. 

Speaking of the Golden Arches, Brielle deems Sausage Egg McMuffins "heaven."

But every now and then, she eschews the takeout for a sit-down Mexican feast or wok experience with pals. 

Don't worry, Brielle always saves room for dessert. 

And in case you're curious, Brielle does get in her fruits and veggies. To do Chick Fil-A penance, she'll even undergo a juice cleanse from time to time. 

It's all about balance, people! Are we right, Brielle?

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