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Brenda: Surprised by Waylynn

Brenda doesn't understand why Waylynn didn't simply apologize to Jess.

By Brenda Urban

And the drama continues…

It’s hard to see Jess so upset about the “white trash dip” comment. I love that Kat was so supportive. She’s absolutely right that each of the women have something to contribute to the group. Seeing Jess struggle was hard. I appreciate that Jess approached Waylynn about her feelings, and I was actually surprised that Waylynn didn’t just simply apologize.  

“If it hurt your feelings, that’s your shit.” Huh? After watching the conversation go down, I would have taken it as an insult, as well. It doesn’t have to do being insecure or the fact that she was fired. It has to do with the fact that food that she made was called “white trash.” Period. It was insulting. Why is everyone throwing the words “insecure” around? To me, that sounds very dismissive. Own. Your.  Shit. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that when Kat interviewed Waylynn for her article, she made a comment about fonuts not being high-end. And Waylynn was insulted. Same thing. Just apologize and move on. Peace offerings of dessert are nice, but nothing really says “I’m sorry” like saying the actually words.   

But hey, I don’t disagree with everything Waylynn says this episode. It wasn’t pleasant to see that Kat is still upset about the conversation I had with her, but at least I am not the only one that has heard about Kat’s reputation and felt they needed to tell it to her like it is. Kat just doesn’t want to hear it. Plain and simple. She had a chance here to recognize what people in the industry have heard about her and make a change for the better, but instead she says, “Fuck everyone.” Um… OK. Clearly nothing is sinking in.

Perhaps that’s why she wanted me to do a Pressed Juicery cleanse. It was her attempt to purge the past before we move on. Or maybe she wants to see me suffer… I’m not sure.  

Speaking of which, time to wipe the slate clean in every aspect of my life. I decide to sit down with Lindsay because I don’t like having unresolved conflict in my life (or maybe it’s just temporary insanity brought upon by starvation.) But like I said earlier, just apologize and move on. And just when I thought I did, here we go again! Lindsay calls me a liar to my face after I apologize for being harsh. If that wasn’t enough, a few minutes later at dinner, she lies to Jess, makes no apologies whatsoever, and in fact smirks and states, “Whatever, she’s not invited. I don’t care.” Well, I’m glad that Lindsay is continuing to show her true colors. Stay tuned!

Thanks as always for tuning in! Let me know what you think on Twitter at @msbrendaurban! 

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