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Jessica in Back in Action!

Jessica talks about her new restaurant group.

By Jessica Miller

Finally, an episode where im not crying every two seconds!

How cute was Brenda’s date with Michael? He is so cool! Great guy. I love that you get to see this side of Brenda… with a man!!! She’s my bestie, and I had to redeem myself for the “350-pound date.” Ha! P.S. He is so not that big.

Nina has a meeting with Nguyen Tran from @starrykitchen, which is amazing. Seriously, this husband/wife team made such great food together they started serving people from their apartment! The brand has blown up from there. Also, the nicest people you will ever meet in your life.

It’s kind of a conundrum for me because I am such a Nina fan. I think she is one of the coolest chicks I know (even if she thinks I'm a high-strung weirdo). It sucks because I know she is super-close with Lindsay. Of course, here comes the troublemaker once again! Finding a wrench to throw anywhere she can find one. Since Brenda and I have already been victims, of course Kat is next. She gets mad about an email… blah blah blah. Nina wasn’t even mad about that. The fact of the matter is Kat has people blowing up her phone and e-mail 24/7 asking her to blast out their names and brands to her coveted list. I am not being facetious here; I wont even ask her to do something like that. The fact she was gracious enough to help Nina out speaks volumes. And hellooo… we all had input on the menu! So did Lindsay! You saw the tasting! She just wants to keep up the drama for some reason. You’ll notice I didn’t even allude to her in my last blog about the whole "I cant go to her party" issue. I didn’t even want to give her the attention or satisfaction of talking about that. I get it. I’m lame, I’m awkward, no one wants me at their parties. Not for nothing, I am not stupid. I am loyal. Do not lie to me. I have zero respect for actions like that.

How amazing is Clint? He’s the guy I met with about consulting with the Wilshire. He and I are still very close and always pick each other’s brains about the industry. In fact, with the restaurant group I'm working with now (Cardiff Giant), he set us up with our accountant! He is such a knowledgeable source, and I consider myself lucky to know him! Here’s another tidbit of knowledge for you… Clint actually introduced me (for business) to his friend Michael… who I ended up setting Brenda up with! Boom! How’s that for full circle?

Lastly... I am BACK IN ACTION, FOLKS!!! It’s about time! Check out the brands I am working with @justjessla @thechurchillla @thehudsonla @cloverjuices

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