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How Does Bleona Know Russell Simmons?

Get the scoop on their relationship (and find out if she's ever played beer pong before).

By Bleona Do you do your 20 minute vocal warm up before every performance? Who was the man who led you through the exercises?
Bleona: Yes I do vocal warm up every day and before every concert! My vocal coach is William Riley, who is also the vocal coach of Celine Dion. I have trained with Professor Riley for 4 years and I love him! He has the best vocal technique trainer in in the world. 

[video_clip_url:] Why did you decide to bring your bodyguard to Isabel's party?
B: Isabel warned me that Fawni was coming to her party to approach me, and she told me that she was unstable mentally and emotionally, so I was worried things might get physical. I wasn't sure how unstable she REALLY was, and since I had seen her twice in my life I was trying to avoid a public scandal. Better safe than sorry! 

Just because people don't know me here in U.S., it doesn't mean that I don't have the same exact staff as any other celebrity out there. I have drivers, bodyguards, chefs, managers, PR, etc.

[video_clip_url:] Had you ever played beer pong before?
B: I had no idea what this game was! All I know is that if I decide to play a game, I WILL HAVE TO WIN, no matter what! Were you surprised Sascha refused to hear your side and have lunch with you?
B: Sascha has a tendency to be very reactive in the moment without getting all the facts straight. He was manipulated by Fawni "playing the victim" without knowing about Isabel's warning and what she said to Isabel she was going to do! He has apologized to me now that he knows the truth and we are very close friends! How long have you known Russell Simmons? How did you guys meet?
B: I have known Russell for 5 years now; we met at the Denise Rich Angel Ball charity event in New York 5 years ago. He keeps me centered when times get rough! He is a dear friend and such an inspiration to me, not only in who he is as a person, but because of what he has done for the community!

[video_clip_url:] What did you think when Sascha told you he did not want to release the song?
B: I wasn't worried about it at all considering the fact that I have already had plenty of successful singles with superstar producers such as Timbaland, Roccstar, Fuego Darkchild, and Claude Kelly, which are available in iTunes now. Why would I be worried about a single that would be released only in Germany when I am focused on being A GLOBAL SUPERSTAR?


Take It Like a Man (DJ Obscene Radio Edit):


F**K You I'm Famous:


Still in Love:


Pass Out (feat. Timbaland):


Without You (Reid Stefan Radio Edit):

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