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About Family Karma

Anisha makes an important decision for her future that breaks family and cultural tradition, but she hopes her family will respect her choice and support her. Amrit and his boyfriend Nicholas have their own place in Miami and are looking forward to building a life together.  Before Amrit can truly settle down, he needs the blessing of the family matriarch. Bali balances being a mother to her 19-year-old daughter and a friend to all as she jumps between hanging out with the Aunties and their kids.  In her personal life, Bali’s relationship with O’Malley continues to blossom. Brian is finally over his childhood best friend, Monica, and has found love with a new woman…also named Monica. Is this resident playboy ready to settle down? Monica and Brian are officially in the friend-zone, but her love life is red hot with another childhood sweetheart, Rish. As their romance gets more serious, so does her desire to bring her estranged parents together. Dillon, Anisha’s BFF and Shaan’s younger brother, returns to Miami and stirs the pot with some interesting rumors that rub the group the wrong way. With his girlfriend finishing law school, Shaan, the oldest member of the Patel family, is feeling the pressure to get married and have kids. After nine years of dating, Vishal and Richa are at a standstill.  Struggling to handle his evolving relationship, Vishal’s spiraling behavior may cause him to lose the love of his life.