Going for Broke

Going for Broke

Tara Muscarella's not ready to break the bank over a Birkin.

So last week I shared a little background about me, and about how we all came together, but this blog will be a bit shorter because I'm about to head out for an overnight Full Moon Sail. Yes, I’m wearing sailor stripes! In fact, I'm sporting a striped maxi dress by Aqua. Cozy, comfy. Gotta love summer temps in October! 

Can you believe I got scratched while sample sale shopping? Some women will tackle you for a bargain if you aren't careful, but I walked away with my dignity and a gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana to boot, which you'll see later in the season.

It was fun to watch how serious Wilson took his first consignment, and the LaQuan Smith pieces were a perfect introduction. Wilson knows the higher-end designers, but he also has his finger on the pulse with newer, edgier designers, and I love emerging artists, not to mention LaQuan's manager, Kelly. We had fun with her (what a creative spirit) and hope to see more of her, and LaQuan pieces too.  

Birkin bags, such status symbols. Listen, though I'm not salivating at the thought of having one, I would happily carry one if it were an  heirloom passed down to me. However, what I really had my eyes on was a silkscreen printed tote by a company called Thursday Friday. But they were sued for copyright infringement. Uh-oh!  So, listen, Birkin ladies, if you are spending thousands on a handbag I hope you are also giving a chunk to charity. Just sayin’.    

Ahhhhhhh, the days of traveling in Italy! I have been there three times, and certainly hope to go back again. Missy was adorable. Her story of roaming the streets of Florence was very familiar. However, I didn't drop $4,000 on a Gucci dress!  I knew right away that she was going to have a hard time parting with the dress. Anyone who refers to their garments as "her" is not ready to let it go. Many clients have emotional ties to their pieces and I don’t challenge them on it. Sure, we all must let go and cleanse, but I think clients should wear their pieces to a special event and maybe then they’ll be ready to pass it on. I knew Missy would have a harder time consigning the dress once she tried it on, but I wanted to have fun with her. Though I started at $400 (check online -- it is the going rate!), I was willing to go up in price knowing she wouldn’t budge. Missy is a singer, so I trust she’ll rock the dress on stage and be back to sell it in the future. We bonded. 

Ciao Ciao and Bon Voyage


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