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Lou Lou Louboutin

Wilson stands by his and Karina's pricing of a pair of Louboutins.

Honestly, any consignor can come in and tell us they just finished having tacos with Oscar de la Renta and Tom Ford, and we can choose to believe them or not. In this case we did our research and this consigner indeed is friends with Christian Louboutin and he custom-made those shoes for her. Therefore, the value of the shoes increases. I am certain if this consignor would have consigned her shoes with either Ambria or Tara there wouldn't have being a problem. They are the manager and assistant manager, and they can choose whenever they want to feel generous or not and it's OK! Well no! Since it is teamwork and we all want the store to make money, in this case, Karina and I did what was right and priced the green satin Louboutins for $500, which is still a reasonable price wether the ceiling price for this was $900 or $1200. That was a steal for one-of-a-kind mint-condition shoes. The shoes sold after all for $300, but like Karina said, I'm sure they would have sold for $500. One thing I will agree with Tara and Ambria is about the black flats. We shouldn't have taken them -- they were not in a cute condition at all. Overall I do love our team, and although we may have different opinions at the end of the day, we love each other and learn from each other as well.

So sad that dress wasn't a Valentino. We would have loved to have that in the store. One thing I learned from this consignment with Tara was that women would take off the labels so they wouldn't have to declare anything at the airport. Wow! I would so not do that, or at least I would take it off and sew it back in!

Karina handled that jewelry consignor well! And we can all see her love for accessories. When you love something, you feel more confident and it showed, with Tara being there or not. I'm sure Tara was just teasing her. 


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