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Off the Rack

Wilson lets Tara's comment slide, and explains that his newspaper shorts were for everyone.

Where to start, where to start so much happened this episode! It's my favorite so far. OK I'll start with the men's section. I was so excited that Tara allowed me to start bringing in some pieces to the mens section. I do understand that we are trying to appeal to a variety of men that live around the area starting from a biker boy to a corporate man -- which is why I believed that bringing in pieces from my friend Edixon Valdez would help us create that variation of clothing. I don't think it limits our clientele. I only brought in about five pieces and the rack is very long!

At the time I did get offended with Tara's comment towards the clothing. It was unnecessary to describe as a "little gay." Yes, those pieces might be flamboyant, but that is why they are called unisex. Truth be told gays do most of the shopping. But I've sold them to straight men before and they love it, especially the newspaper print shorts! Now that I know Tara, I am certain she didn't mean her comment in any negative way. She has tons of gay/lebians friends and has nothing towards the gay community. I remember after that day, she told me how she didn't mean to describe it as "gay," but perhaps flamboyant. Also the reason why I started to go on that route and bring in edgier pieces to the section first was because the rack was full of oversized and corporate clothing and none of sold so I thought why not switch it up and start with the opposite.

If I would have known I was going to a Chinese restaurant with Karina I would definitely have worn something else. Maybe something more loose and def not a bowtie. Haha. But I do understand she is a mother, and I was grateful to her for introducing me to her family. Karina's kids are adorable and very smart, which still makes me wonder if they understood my inappropriate comment. Those damn shots had me talking way too much, haha. I do have to say they are a lovely and modern family. Love them!

I have to say the highlight of this episode was meeting model River Viiperi. Haha! Love, love him. He is super cool and down to earth. I love him more for getting us in the Jeffrey Cares fashion show. It was amazing. Can't wait to get into his closet again!

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