The Real Slim Shady

The Real Slim Shady

Jeff Lewis admits to feeling creepy when buying a nanny-cam.

First of all, let me clear the air about Zoila's birthday. I realized that the birthday gift I gave her wasn't exactly what she asked for, and she was less than thrilled to receive it. So in the end, I gave her the day off that she wanted. She asked for Friday and Saturday off, but I decided to give her Saturday off with pay, which I felt was a fair compromise. In regard to the painting, I happen to love the "retouched" version. In fact, it hangs on the wall in my office so my original birthday gift was not a total loss. I need to reiterate that I did mean well in commissioning the painting. Never did I think the artist would make Zoila look like a sunburned truck driver.

Episode Three illustrates the difference between Ryan's and my offices. Ryan's office is organized and extremely professional. He's very smart and in many ways a visionary. He predicted that this show would bring an incredible amount of remodeling business to our offices and he prepared by hiring more people and purchasing office space and equipment. He was absolutely correct in that I'm receiving dozens of inquiries per week from people who want us to either design, consult, and/or project manage their remodels. Ironically, I may end up joining his office to be more efficient and effective, as my office is simply not equipped, physically or emotionally, to handle the onslaught of new business. That should be interesting .... There will be no absence of drama in that office. But in all actuality, it's a little quiet and dull over there and they could use an infusion of new energy. My only hesitation is that I like working from home and being around my household staff and pets. I loathe the idea of working out of an office eight hours a day. I would never see my animals or Zoila and I'm afraid she would miss me too much. I couldn't do that to her.

When I watched the nanny cam purchase on TV, I couldn't believe how shady and completely creepy I looked, buying spy equipment in all black no less, which by the way was a complete accident. In no way do I spend hours upon hours planning my outfits. I leave that to Chris Keslar. But I would do anything to protect my home and pets so I was determined to find out what was going on behind my back. Next week, I will finally learn the truth about what happens when I'm not home ....

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