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Is Jeff a Sweetsies?

Sarah's become as important to Jeff as one of his pets. Almost.

By Jeff Lewis

When I am lucky enough to find an employee that quickly and easily acclimates to our non-traditional work environment, I try very hard to educate and train them. I immediately enroll them into the Jeff Lewis boot camp, from which I must admit very few people have graduated. I have high hopes for Sarah, because she is loyal, energetic and hard- working. Unfortunately, she is also very forgetful and that can pose a problem when you are an assistant or "executive business partner." It's hard to stay mad at someone who refers to me as " sweetsies cutsies, cutsies sweetsies."

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That being said, it's frustrating and my patience (or lack thereof) has been put to the test repeatedly. I have given her more lessons, suggestions, and pointers than any other employee...ever. She is finally catching on, but it is a slow arduous process. If I didn't like her so much (and we weren't related ), I would not invest the time. I have spent hours and hours training Sarah. It reminds me when Casey was a puppy. I worked with her over and over again teaching her how to sit, stay, and shake. It took years, but when she finally caught on it was so rewarding. Sarah hasn't learned quite as fast as Casey, but I do anticipate the payoff for all my efforts. I care about her almost as much as Casey, and I can only hope she will be a permanent fixture at JLD for years to come.

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