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Jenni: Everyone Deals with Grief Differently

Jenni Pulos opens up about the loss of Jeff Lewis' cat, Stewie.

By Jenni Pulos-Nassos

An Old Friend and a New Baby

How to Watch

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Jeff and Gage are ready to be parents
Lisa's helping Jeff and Gage go egg hunting
DNA dating -- it's all about the details
Gage delivers a reality check to Jeff
Jeff starts talking about assisted living

Hania's Pacific Palisades remodel
Two years of constant changes
Hania wants Jeff to "look at the Getty" (Museum) pool
Spray ideas have to come from somewhere
Vanina's patience here allows Jeff to zone out

Stewie, Jeff's cat, is not eating
Gage takes Stewie to the vet for tests

Online egg shopping, Jeff makes a discovery
He and Gage have very different taste in women

Amir, Hania's husband, helps in the Palisades
Hania sees things very differently
Subway, cookies, and Vanina to the rescue
Jeff chews and doesn't challenge

Feeding Stewie is now a two man operation
Gage has major parenting chops

Matt text messages Gage
Maximum car fun
He thinks Matt "is amazing"
Can't help myself
Matt inspires the Big O
It's all about the delivery

Does Gage Have a Crush?

Hania is with us in the tile store
Jeff tells her she is an education
She says she "has been called worse"

At Gramercy Matt is making margaritas
The egg shopping continues
An egg investigation discovery
Jeff likes women who look like him
"You have to admit they're attractive women"
Zoila makes it very clear
Baby like Jeff, yes
Baby like Gage, no
A mother's DNA is for a lifetime
Jeff has his priorities
"Naturally thin" beats a mechanical engineering degree

Gage delivers bad news from the vet
Jeff's friend for fourteen years has cancer
"Days to weeks" is never what you want to hear
The medication will not work
Jeff makes a difficult decision
Everyone deals with grief differently
Work helps Jeff to cope
Grief is boxed and removed with all things kitty
Gage's expressed grief is heartbreaking

HRC Fertility -- it's all about the journey
Dr. Potter says 80 to 90 percent success rate
Plus no mystery in the boy or girl department
Jeff's sperm are in the lead position
He wants a girl
Gage's sperm to follow
Jeff thinks this can be a boy
Blood tests for Jeff and Gage
Sperm donation follows
Freshie and frozie are ways to go
Angela tells Jeff "a frozie is OK"
Jeff wants a private room
And a timed race with Gage
Angela has twenty years of record keeping
"It has to be in the cup"

Jeff and Gage Go Head-to-Head...

IVF Jeff Style: It's Very Funny
A stop watch with nurses outside the door
Gage thinks he can win it
3:15 is a new record
Jeff lost, but they both get a sperm-shaped toy
A baby is on the way

Who Can Give Their "Deposit" Faster?

Stewie makes his exit
He was a kitten when we first met

In Memory of Stewie Lewis 2000-2015

Jeff Says Goodbye to Stewie

Next on Flipping Out
Four catalogue shoots a year
Details, organization, and teamwork are key elements
Jeff smells a rat

Gage and Jeff Fight…

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